Kayak Adventure
Sea kayak lessons, rentals and club, operating year-round on Long Island Sound 1999 - 2018. Based in Norwalk, Connecticut.  For information call/text 203-247-1390. We have closed for good as of 12/31/2018 but the website, kayaks & gear are for sale.
Our manager will continue with Sound Kayakers club, using the Facebook group for contact - see below. We will continue updating the What to Wear & Bring page to benefit kayakers on the Sound. Click on the links in the text below for detailed information.

Kayak Lessons & Club Trips has our 2018 Calendar, with descriptions of classes, listings of Sound Kayakers club trips, for reference only. A 2019 calendar will not be posted.

About Our Rental Kayaks gives details on some of the boats we have for sale. We rent outdoor rack space to store your kayak (in East Norwalk.) Kayaks & Gear on Sale lists kayak gear for sale.

What to Wear & Bring advises how to outfit for kayaking in all seasons. We post the current water temperature, and have links to NOAA weather, local tides and a hypothermia chart. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us. We're happy to answer your sea kayaking questions.

Join our club, Sound Kayakers, to take part in trips, safety clinics and kayak camping. Join the Sound Kayakers group Facebook page for news and event invitations. Follow me on Twitter @MicheleSorense2. Joining an active club is the best way for sea kayakers of all levels to improve their skills and meet other paddlers.

Did you know that if everyone on Earth lived like an average North American it would take five earths to support us all? Find out how we do our part to live as globally fair citizens at Kayak Adventure's Sustainable Living Practices.

Happy and safe paddling!

Michele Sorensen, Managing Director
December 31, 2018


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