Necky Chatham 17

Necky says the Chatham 17 was "built to minimize windage, with great maneuverability and superb rough water performance...excels at navigating rock gardens...very full chine provides great stability and quick response to edging and lean turns." We use this kayak for most men weighing between 170 and 225 pounds, up to 6'2" tall. This model has proven performance year after year in introductory classes, with easy response, easy re-entry, easy to get up to speed. Paddlers quickly gain confidence.

Ms. Kayak says:  I pack the Necky Chatham 17 each summer for a six day kayak camping trip along the shores of Long Island. I rarely need the skeg. We paddle often among rocks, and I enjoy it's easy handling. Stability is exceptional, allowing me to balance on the rear deck and shimmy into the cockpit. It's light weight in carbon - only 47 pounds - is noteable for a fiberglass kayak this long.

Length: 17'5"
Width: 21.5"
Depth: 12"
Cockpit: 32" x 16"
Weight: 47 lbs
Material: Carbon kevlar

The Chatham 17 easily holds gear for a six day kayak camping trip.

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