Necky Eliza

Cecilia, a novice kayaker, had no trouble handling the sporty Eliza.      

The Eliza ultralight is one of the lightest kayaks in our fleet, a pleasure to get to the water, and a delight to paddle. The cockpit depth and seat design make the fit perfect for most people up to 170 pounds, giving plenty of leg room for a powerful forward stroke. The 15 foot hull provides optimum efficiency at a cruising speed of 3-4 knots. Its low windage and water-shedding foredeck make for lively paddling in strong winds. With the low rear deck, rolling or re-entry from the water is a snap. The shallow vee hull reacts instantly to edging, giving a perfect balance between maneuverability and tracking. The easy-sliding skeg is barely needed. No day hatch (would add weight). We own one in fiberglass and one in carbon kevlar.

Winner for Best Woman's Touring Kayak from Sea Kayaker Magazine.

Length: 15'3"
Width: 21"
Depth: 11.75"
Cockpit: 28.5" x 15"
Weight: 41 lbs ultralight, 47 lbs Advanced Composite Fiberglass   

Monica is an athletic 5'10" and fits the Eliza well, even in winter gear.

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