Impex Mystic

Here's our Mystic, in Norwalk Harbor. 

The Mystic is a favorite sea kayak for women, due to its light weight and easy handling. It's designed for smaller paddlers, fitting 90 to 160 pounds comfortably. Although only 14' long, it's short bow & stern overhangs and smaller wetted surface make it relatively fast. The shallow depth gives a superior fit for slim paddlers looking for a kayak that is easy to edge and roll. The drop-down skeg helps with control in winds, but is not necessary, as the Mystic is a straight tracker. Sturdy grab handles make carrying a pleasure.

Ms. Kayak says: You'll rarely find the Mystic second-hand as everyone who owns one loves it! She is a Greenland style boat, with low profile, and low aft deck, easy to re-enter from deep water.

Length: 14'
Width: 21.5"
Depth: 10.25"
Cockpit: 30" x 16"
Weight: 43 lbs.
Material: Fiberglass

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