Current Designs Willow

 Here's Michele in our Willow, at the finish of the Lighthouse Race 2009, and below in a wintry Saugatuck River. 

The Willow is a straight-tracking, light weight, lower-volume British design kayak, easy to paddle, roll, load and store. It's designed for paddlers 100 to 170 pounds. British style kayaks are slightly wider in relation to their length, and have a higher foredeck than Greenland style boats.

Ms. Kayak says: This is my favorite kayak. It has a dayhatch, enough length for speed, and is easy to lift and load. It's a bit less responsive than the Eliza, but holds its course without needing the skeg. FYI, I'm 120#, 5'4".

Length: 15'6"
Width: 22"
Depth: 11"
Cockpit: 29" x 16"
Weight: 45 lbs
Material: Fiberglass


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